Steve's Sautéed Squash

Discard ends of squash and slice squash into ¾" thick disks.

Place sugar, salt, butter and water in a large flat-bottomed pan and heat until the butter melts. Add the squash to the pan, cover with a tight lid so that the squash will steam, and cook over high heat.

As individual pieces become soft, semi-translucent, and slightly browned, remove them and set aside in a colander which drains into a container to save the liquid. Continue cooking the remaining squash, removing individual pieces as they become cooked.

Once all the squash is cooked and has been removed from the pan, uncover the pan, add the liquid which has drained from the colander, and reduce.

When the liquid has become thick, replace the cooked squash pieces back into the liquid and sautee until all the pieces are coated.